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Mental Health

Mental Health | Ricardo A. Solis PhD, LPC-Supervisor, LCDC
The current climate of mental health in America has been studied extensively as professionals try to find ways to mitigate this widespread... > Read More..

Substance Abuse Therapy

Substance Abuse Therapy | Ricardo A. Solis PhD, LPC-Supervisor, LCDC width=
Substance abuse is often directly linked to mental health problems... > Read More..

Domestic Violence Counseling

Domestic Violence Counseling | Ricardo A. Solis PhD, LPC-Supervisor, LCDC
Domestic violence is the most common form of violence in America. Hidden inside the home, the security and safety is too often shattered... > Read More..

Welcome To Ricardo A. Solis PhD, LPC-Supervisor, LCDC


It is clear to anyone who watches the news that America is in a time of crisis in regards to mental health. This problem is so widespread, most people know someone who suffers from mental health issues.

The ravages of mental health disorders and addiction are most often felt the hardest by spouses and children. One in four women are subject to domestic abuse in their lives. These terrible statistics reveal fundamental gaps in our culture. Some people have given way to cynicism, accepting that in the headlong rush of progress there are bound to be some casualties. Ricardo A. Solis PhD, has dedicated his life to healing the wounds of the psyche.

I specialize in mental health, substance abuse therapy, and domestic violence counseling. If these issues are affecting you or your family, do not give up.

D.O.T Compliant (Department of Transportation) with drug and alcohol course.

Initial Assessment Rate- $600.00
In addition to:
4 Day Course Rate- $600.00
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Faith-Based Therapy
What is Faith-Based Therapy?
Faith-Based Therapy is holistic. While some therapies focus solely on physical health, others on emotions, and still others on the interplay of body / mind / emotions (referred to as a bio-psycho-social approach), few approaches to counseling or psychotherapy are truly holistic and treat the whole person.
Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, we are undeniably physical, emotional, thinking, and spiritual beings. When one or more components of personhood is ignored in restoring health after trauma, complete healing is impossible. Imagine having a tense back and only having the left side massaged. What happens? The other muscles try to compensate, creating new, different problems, even if the target problem is resolved.
Faith-based therapy seeks to be holistic by incorporating the vital element of spirituality or faith to more traditional psychotherapy that includes awareness of the interplay of body, mind, and emotions. Our personal approach to incorporating spirituality is to meet you where you are at in your own spiritual / faith journey and help you to create harmony between your beliefs, experiences, thoughts, emotions, and actions.


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